PR campaign shows sexy side to farming in Bavaria

Young farmers in Bavaria have just released a sassy new calendar as part of a PR campaign to boost the image of farming in the Bavarian state of southern Germany.

The campaign follows a the success of a similar campaign by the Austrian farming fraternity (or sisterhood to be precise) that launched in 2001. Amid the scandal and sensation it caused, it rapidly sold out its run of 2000 copies and went on to see sales of 5000 copies for the girls' and 3000 copies for the boy's calendar in the following years.
The Bavarian campaign hopes to achieve similar success following the launch of its calendar 'Bayern Girls - Edition 2006' at a sausage breakfast in Munich's famous Hofbrauhaus beer hall on Wednesday. Beyond the sensation these raunchy posed shots have caused lies a more serious message about the state of farming and the challenges faced by new generations of young farmers.

The Bayern Girls are not the first to undo their buttons to promote their campaign, it was the startling sight of the Women's Institute calendar back in 2000 that started the spectre of these campaign sensations and went on to feature as the basis for the movie Calendar Girls in 2003.

More of the calendar HERE
You can order the calendar HERE


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