Italian court approves extradition of London bomb suspect

Hamdi Isaac (or Hussain Osman) has failed in his bid to prevent being extradited back to Britain. As previously reported on Mediabeak, he is wanted in connection with the July 21 London bombings and was arrested in Italy after having slipped out of the UK on Eurostar.

Having been appointed a glamorous defence attorney in the form of
Antonietta Sonnessa, he courted media attention by fighting his extradition on the grounds that (among other things) media coverage of him could prejudice his right to a fair trial in the UK. As Mediabeak argued (see MediaGuardian), it seems wrong that the media should be prevented from printing picutres of him while he was, albeit through his attorney, giving press
briefings to the assembled world media in Italy.

Not persuaded by his argument, Italy's top court, the Court of Cassation, has ruled that he shoud be extradited back to Britain. Among other things, this case also put the veracity of the European Arrest Warrant to the test - it works and he has to be brought back to Britain within 10 days.


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