High stakes if Moss decides to take a gamble on Nine.com deal

Nine.com are keeping relatively quiet about the deal they've supposedly faxed to Kate Moss's agency. Today's New York Daily News is running the story in its Lowdown section and confirms that Nine.com has offered Moss a five year sponsorship deal valued at 5 million dollars.

While Nine.com spokesperson Jack Abrams is keen to see Moss promote his company's online gaming site after a 'real quick focus group' confirmed that it would be good to get Mossy on their posse, the terms of the deal may be as hard to swallow as the rehab regime and 'corporate retreat' they proscribe.

Kate's already thought to be in rehab and after slapping on some of that new Rimmel product - aptly named 'Recovery' - she's more likely to be seen sliding her way onto the catwalk than hiding herself away on a corporate retreat.


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