Cinderella banned from brothel

The Latvian National Opera LNO has been banned from performing its modern verion of Sergei Prokofiev's ballet Cinderella after complaints from the composer's family.
Having failed to obtain permission from the family or the Prokofiev Archive, the LNO decided it would be fun to set the children's fairytale in a brothel and have Cinderella working as maid to her call-girl step-sisters while the wicked step-mother takes on the role of brothel madam.

The bright burlesque stage show failed to win over the disgruntled Prokofievs who secured a ban after just two performances. (just enough to provide this video clip!)

Permission to use or adapt copyright works needs to be obtained from the copyright owner - or as in this case, their estate. There is scope for some 'interpretation' of an original work but in this case they stuck to the musical score but added a new storyline. So as copyright owners, the family were able to complain that separating the music from its orignal storyline and using it without permission was an infringement that deserved to be banned. They could also suggest that it was a 'derogatory treatment' of the original work.

The ban seems harsh as it effectively allows the use of copyright to trump free artistic expression.

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View a clip of the stage performance HERE
Music - Prokofiev Cinderella Suites 1-3

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