Celebrity Peep Show

German tabloid Bild reports that Beyonce is the latest celebrity to fall victim to having a sneaky sex flick made of them. Rumours were circulating on various US internet sites about a 2 minute tape that was apparently recorded by hidden cameras rigged up in a hotel room she and boyfriend Jay Z had spent a night in a year or so ago. Copies of a news release purporting to be from "New York (AP)" have appeared on various websites and suggest that a lawsuit was filed this week. However a quote attributed to his publicist Jana Fleishman that cites his concern over how his private parts may be percieved in the 2 minute flick do seem to cast a question over the credibility of these latest claims.

Whether these claims turn out to be true remains to be seen but certainly does no harm to the underground market for peddling celebrity sex pics. Cameron Diaz recently won her case against a photographer who'd tried to extort money from her for illicit pics (Mediabeak report HERE )

Perhaps the best known flick to date was the eponymous 'A night in Paris' starring Paris Hilton.

Other celebrities caught on cam include:
Pamela Anderson; Colin Farrell; Jordan; Fred Durst; Gena Lee Nolin; Tonya Harding and of course Abi Titmus

Not all have resulted in major court cases and although celebrities are successfully suing those who invade their privacy, the ease of the internet makes peddling and policing such unsolicited amateur porn a tricky issue.

If you have any information about the truth of these latest rumours be sure to mail mediabeak.
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