Verdict awaits photographer in Diaz trial

The photographer who is accused of trying to con Cameron Diaz out of millions of dollars using topless pictures taken while she was a model, will soon find out whether the jury believe his version of events.

The Los Angeles Superior Court ordered a permanent ban on the sale, ownership or publication of the undoubtedly valuable piccies back in 2003 when they first came to light.

Photographer John Rutter faces charges of extortion and prejury after he demanded 3.5 million dollars to hand over the pictures and subsequently lied about a release form Diaz was alleged to have signed. Diaz says she never signed any release form and was upset at the attempt to sell the pictures and accompanying video - the star of kids film Shrek2 and Charlie's Angels didn't like the idea of being made out to be a 'bad angel'. In his defence this week, Rutter claimed he hadn't forged her signature on the form and that in offering to sell the pictures to her he was merely giving her a 'right of first refusal' over them.

Whether the jury belives he was acting out of good faith and genuinely wanted Diaz to have the opportunity to buy back her boob shots and didn't forge a signature on a form he couldn't recall seeing, remains to be seen. If convicted he'll face up to 6 years in jail.

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