Mel B takes heat off the Sun

We'll never get to hear about what Mel B was alleged to have got up to in the loos at the Elysium. As reported on MediaGuardian, the former Spice Girl decided to drop her legal action against the Sun after its Bizarre section alleged she's been engaged in nocturnal nookie earlier this year.

Her lawyer said the action was being dropped after agreeng terms of a settlement that they were not at liberty to disclose - pity. Celebrities seem to have a penchant for nefarious tendencies in nightclubs - earlier this year Elizabeth Jagger managed to obtain an injunction (details HERE and HERE ) preventing footage of her and Calum Best in a compromising position in another club not far from Elysium, Kabaret's Prophecy club.

Perhaps Mel B is too busy concentrating on her career options after the release of her latest album disappointed . She also thwarted plans for the Spice Girls to stage a comeback at Live8 which will certainly have left many Spice Girls fans disappointed. Meanwhile, fans on the unofficial website think she's organising a big reunion next year! She's obviously not run that past Mel C who says 'no way'

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