Carr given indefinite anonymity protection

Maxine Carr has today won the right to anonymity over her new identity and whereabouts. Following a temporary order granted last year, the High Court decided it was in the interests of protecting 'life and limb' that the media be prevented from publishing details of who she is, where she is and what she is doing.
There was no challenge to today's order but the media did unsuccessfully try to challenge the temporary order last year saying the public had a right to know if she was likely to be working with children or near a school.
In granting this new and indefinite order Mr Justice Eady did recognise that circumstances may change and so left the door open for the media to appeal if they become aware of something that they feel should be drawn to public attention: "It is right to emphasise that there is always a right if the circumstances change for the media or any interested party to apply to the court at short notice for a discharge or variation of the order"


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