Ofcom slams Fox news for BBC slur

Ofcom has today delivered its most recent adjudications and upheld complaints against Fox news and ITV.

Fox anchor John Gibson is known for delivering punchy opinions at the end of Fox's news programme 'The Big Story' but his 'My Word' at the end of January was a scathing attack on the BBC. In the wake of Hutton's findings that day he accused the BBC of, among other things, lying and engaging in 'frothing-at-the-mouth anti-americansim'.

His diatribe attracted 24 complaints and Ofcom was not impressed with Fox's defence of its position or omission to give the BBC a right of reply.

Read the ruling HERE

In another adjudication, Ofcom also upheld complaints over the level of violence depicted in the ITV drama Wire in the Blood. A brutal murder scene screened moments after the 9pm watershed had passed was deemed excessive violence that 'would have gone beyond viewers' expectations' even for such a dark drama.

Ruling HERE

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