Becks wins payout over 'golden balls' pics

The picture agency that provided the front page pictures of Beckham fiddling with his pants on a hotel balcony in Lisbon has been forced to pay out substantial damages for the intrusion into Beckham's privacy.
Big Pictures provided the shot of Beckham in just his pants and sunglasses which the Sun and Star newspapers used last Thursday. Its photographer must have been using extreme longlens photography to grab his picture from beyond the 500m security cordon around the England players' hotel. This contravenes the PCC code but is also an intrusion into privacy. The Football Association has taken a tough stance on tabloids and their snappers intruding on the England team in the run-up and during the Euro 2004 championship.
Recent cases involving photos of celebrities in private places have seen a tougher stance being taken against the press and where they decide to litigate, celebrities usually have the courts finding in their favour.
Beckham has had a rough ride with the press over the past few months and still licking his wounds from his sextext saga has also threatened legal action over pictures of him on a beach with his son Brooklyn.
After yesterday's tragic start to Euro 2004 he may well wish to keep the press at bay.

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