Latest OFCOM rulings: You can have Love but don't say 'fuck' on a Saturday night

Ofcom has today issued its latest complaints bulletin.

ITV came under fire for allowing the word 'fuck' onto two of its programmes - Love on a Saturday Night and the Brit Awards. A surprised contestant got expletive on the channel's Love show while rapper 50 Cent's lyrics caused offence when they appeared on the subtitles during the Brit Awards.

Meanwhile on CBBC, kids show 'Stitch Up' caused offence after a Greek tourist who was tricked into performing a horror sketch for the show slipped into Greek vernacular, promising to do something sexual with a third person's mother. A Greek speaking viewer complained and Ofcom ruled that this was serious:"While we appreciated the efforts made by the broadcaster prior to broadcast, we felt that as the person consulted had not recognised the words, the onus was on the broadcaster to make further enquiries, given the programme's likely audience."

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