Carr secures court protection

Maxine Carr who is released from prison today has obtained a far-reaching court order that bans the press from revealing or showing pictures of her new identity.

While this type of injunction is nothing new - in the case of the Jamie Bulger killers both boys were granted anonymity for life - the scope of the protection pronounced for Carr is significantly further-reaching than anything issued before.

It extends beyond print and broadcast media to the internet and internet service providers who have a duty to ensure they take reasonable steps to prevent any information about Carr's identity or wherabouts being published on or using their services.

The media are not just prohibited from indentifying Carr but also from seeking to elicit information about her life or whereabouts. In other words, anything relating to Carr or her new life is strictly off limits.

However the court order only applies to England and Wales so it will be interesting to see what would happen if details emerged in other jurisdictions.

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