Sex, lies and pointless people

As if we hadn't seen and heard enough of Rebecca Loos - who attracted the scorn of the stars with her crass appearance at this week's Kill Bill premiere in London - she is now also in talks with Playboy who say she is a number one choice for a centrefold.

Whether she gets her kit off for them or not her claims to have bedded Becks are certainly paying off. Her earnings from her torrid text tales are rapidly approaching the million pound mark following her vapid interview on Sky and Channel 4 sofa chat with Richard and Judy.

Never one to shy from sex, sleaze and sensation (that pays), Max Clifford, who was Loos natural choice as agent, is negotiating with Playboy who in addition to splashing her in their illustrious publication are also keen to get her doing a dirty dance routine for their tv channel. Whether they stump up the six figure sum Loos is looking for remains to be seen but as the media give Posh and Becks a well deserved break it could be that in Playboy Loos has finally found her level. By all accounts Sarah Marbeck who is now in London to try and cash-in on her 'story' has plenty experience to teach Loos how to pole dance.

While Loos gets set to expose herself a similarly classy socialite is busy trying to prevent a tape of her sex antics being released. Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is already in litigation with an internet firm who she is suing for 30 million dollars after it released a video of her having sex with her former boyfriend. Rick Salomon has struck a deal with Red Light District Video (an LA porn production company) and given them the rights to produce the video.

Perfectly titled "One Night In Paris" is set to hit the shelves of the type of stores that stock theses films some time in June.

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