Nearly nude Morissette stands proud against US censorship

As US broadcasters try to clamp down on that sinful spectre of indecency Alanis Morissette took to the stage at the Canadian 'Juno' music awards in protest over what she describes as 'an era when they're (US broadcasters) scared, when there's lots of fear'.

She didn't quite come up with the bottle to get her clothes off but appeared in a 'nude suit' which came equipped with hair and nipples. Hosting the awards ceremony in this novel attire she said she was proud to be able to stand there and live in a land where 'we're not afraid of the human breast'.

So are US censors running scared. There were some 200,000 complaints about Janet Jackson's escaping nipple at the superbowl but should that warrant a widespread clampdown across a mass market that probably has equal or greater numbers of viewers who enjoy such 'pride' in the body beautiful?

The question is really one of what's shown where and when. A nipple as such is not offensive but there were plenty of american parents who didn't want their kids choking on a half-time hot dog as they watched what was meant to be a music gig at the interval of a sports event. There are certainly more serious matters for censors to worry about.

For Morissette's suit with the real hair click here

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