Law in the media: Boozy barrister in court battle over Bootsie

The Mirror has picked up on this delightful court case between two barristers locked in an acrimonious property dispute following the demise of their turbulent relationship.

Kerry Cox is suing her erstwhile lover and fiancee Lawrence Jones for substantial sums she claims she is owed from joint ownership of property in Lincolns Inn and Essex. Their engagement lasted three years before she broke off the relationship in 2001 following what she claimed was 'alcohol-fuelled aggression and violence' on the part of a boozy Mr Jones.

Mr Jones denies she has any ownership of either property both of which are in his name and claims he broke off their engagement after just a few weeks. His complaint was not about booze but about a certain Alsatian dog called 'Bootsie' that was owned by Miss Cox and behaved in what he told the court was an 'uncontrollable and unacceptable' manner.

Further evidence was led in relation to a 20 thousand pound engagement ring and Cox's 'outrageous advances' towards the Australian cricket team and 'blatanlty sexual behaviour' with another barrister outside the couple's flat.

They don't come much better than this - the case continues.

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