Huntley snapper case dropped

As reported on MB (below) News of the World reporter David McGee was in court this week charged with violations of the 1952 Prison Act for having smuggled a camera into prison (without permission) where he took what became front page pictures of Ian Huntley in jail.

In what McGee's editor hailed as a victory for common sense, the judge dismissed the action saying that the interpretation of the rules under which McGee had been charged was too wide to be of sustainable application.

Counsel for McGee, Andrew Nicol QC illustrated the point by suggesting that the rules (had the judge allowed them to be so interpreted) would even render someone's underpants in breach of them if they did not have prior permission to wear or take them into prison.

MB notes that there was no need to argue the public interest point in this case as it ultimately came down to the decsription it deserved namely, pants!

BBC report HERE
Guardian Media report HERE

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