Costly correspondence - the letter that collapsed the Tyco trial

Those proud of UK contempt laws may well sit back bemused as one of the largest corporate corruption trials in the US collapses after an 'angry' yet non-threatening letter is sent to a juror. Former bosses at Tyco were in the doc having been accused of misappropriating some 600 million dollars.

The jury in the trial were at the deliberation stage and media attention was - as its allowed to do in the US - focussing on which way the jury were likely to go. Having mistakenly believed that a mistrial had already been declared our angry outsider wrote to one of the jurors to express their dislike of the fact Juror Number 4 - a Ruth Jordan - seemed set to acquit the accused. Problem was, the trial was still active and so after a protracted and expensive six month court case the New York Supreme Court was forced to declare a mistrial. Expensive letter that!

This has left the proceedings in tatters but surprisingly reports suggest police will not be charging the letter writer with jury tampering because of their innocent mistake. (MB says - don't try this at home folks!)

Meanwhile our now famous juror was quoted in the New York Times and will be on prime time CBS News (tonight) saying she would have acquitted the two Tyco types.

Great court action from the US!
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