Close shave leaves Beckham quids in

If reports in today's media are true then Becks has escaped from his torrid text saga and cut himself a new sponsorship deal with Gillette to promote their razors. Whether he uses them on his head is anyones guess but at a reported 40 million pounds it has to be the best deal a man can get - and makes the million Loos has netted from her dirt dishing pale into insignificance.

So much for fears that his corporate sponsors might take a dim view of publicity surrounding his private life - Vodafone are also likely to be pleased with his hands-on approach to promoting their phones!

Meanwhile Real Madrid are not as keen on the off-pitch publicity that follows the Beckham brand - though that didn't seem to stop them selling billboard space to a spanish gossip mag trailing ads for their 'exclusive' with rent-a-girl Sarah Marbeck.
If your spanish is up to it you can read the racy story in INTERVIU

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