Clean-up at Clear Channel

As previously reported on MB, the spectre of Janet Jackson's nipple at the superbowl has got US media giants running scared of tough regulatory clamp-downs if they don't clean up their act.

So it should come as no surprise that Howard Stern was hardly compatible with any such policy and faced with a fine of just under half a million dollars for comments on his show, Stern was dropped from six of the channel's radio stations (his show still survives on over 30 further stations!).

Stern's show has not been the only casualty, having been swiftly followed by Atlanta WKLS programme 'The Regular Guys'. In a bid to disguise smutty content the show's hosts had produced a segment called 'backward smut' where they played a recording of a porn star talking backwards. Nice try had they not forgotten to take down the sound when they went to an ad break and listeners were able to hear them discussing the smut in a more forward manner. The two presenters were promptly sacked.

So the clear message from Clear Channel is that it wishes to become the clean channel.

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