Beckham bashing - will Sky be stopped from screening Loos' side of the story?

Malicious, mad or making it all up? - Rebecca Loos has certainly upped her game and challenged Beckham to see her in court. She will be seen telling us what she says is 'the truth 100 per cent' on Sky 1 at 10pm this evening (MB notes: what would the truth 70 per cent be?) - that is unless Andrew Thompson from Beckham's lawyers Lee & Thompson manages to secure a last minute deal or obtain an injunction preventing Sky from showing their prime time sensation.

Apparently Ms Loos knows something secret about Beck's tackle that she thinks will substantiate her story (and presumably a court will believe!) so either she is calling Beckham's bluff or she really is the posh girl who dethroned Posh. Either way she has the upper hand and the king and queen of self-publicity have been left cowering in a corner.

As was commented in Media Guardian - if Becks has nothing to hide then he should be suing the socks - or in Loos' case, the white thong - off not just her but the dubious character that is Sarah Marbeck and the media.

The best the Beckham legal camp has so far advanced is the threat of a breach of confidence action based on the fact Loos had signed a confidentiality agreement with SFX where she worked for Beckham. Media Beak squawks in anguish at this legal approach which is as lame as Buckingham Palace's tour de force against the Mirror and Ryan Parry for their pictures of Her Majesty's breakfast table.

If Becks has nothing to hide then bring on the defamation claims. Lets see some serious litigation and secure an injunction preventing Sky's screening. Faced with a defamation claim Sky and Loos would have to prove to a judge that they would be able to provide evidence (if not immediately then at least by the time the case came to trial) supporting their statements. So if Loos is a liar then she'd be smoked out and the screening stopped.

So as the clock ticks closer to 10pm and we've not seen a writ winging its way from the High Court then we can safely assume that either Becks has not had the best legal advice - given its Andrew Thompson that is highly improbable - or he has something to hide. That 'something' need not be the full sexy sensations Loos has talked about but could just be incriminating yet not conclusive carelessness (which to give Becks the benefit of the doubt is more likely).

If all is not what it seems then a breach of confidence action would be the compromise - Loos was a former employee and bound by a confidentiality clause and so should not be talking about Beckham's private life. Well it won't take a genius or a lawyer to figure out that with what Loos is being paid for her story and the Sky interview she might just be willing to risk a breach of confidence suit. A successful claim against her for breach of confidence will not come as expensive as a libel claim would and the way things are going she'd probably get her legal fees paid by the paper that secures her next exclusive.

Meanwhile the Sarah Marbeck saga just gets sleazier. She's gone from poor deluded victim of Beck's predatory passion to a street-wise call-girl who's up for most things and not shy to sell herself or her story. As her daddy rushed off to see her in Sydney he may well be regretting selling the press his story and upset at how Becks had allegedly treated his daughter. Loos aside the Marbecks have to be due a libel writ or two by now!? Even if Loos and Marbeck didn't share Beckham, as the tabloids tell us they certainly enjoyed the same things from thongs to threesomes, boys to girls and baring bums and boobs in public. Even if the Beckham affair were to turn out not to be ture these girls surely deserve a place on Footballers Wives!

So with Posh and the kids running for cover lets wait and see if Becks bites back or crawls back with a breach of confidence action.

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