Attorney General gets heavy with the press as Mirror and Sun banned from publishing pictures of terror suspects

As reported on Media Guardian, Lord Goldsmith is playing hardball with the press again as he seeks to protect the justice process from too much press interest. Having blasted papers over Soham and warned editors over the Gorsvenor House incident last year he has this week urged the media to 'exercise restraint' over their coverage of suspected terrorism detainees. As if some of the legislation and David Blunkett's comments don't give rise to enough concern, the Attorney General wants to ensure he can at least attempt to keep the media in check when it comes to terrorist suspects.

Surely the public has a right to know and the media a right to report extensively about people being arrested on suspicion of wanting to blow us up. Conducting inquiries and informing the public in an open fashion is less likely to lead to the hysteria, prejudice and sensationalist headlines Lord Goldsmith is seeking to protect the criminal justice system from.

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