Stop all this fuss and let Prince Harry party in peace!

Prince Charles's new communications man has barely got his feet under the desk but that's not stopping him from doing battle with an 'ill-informed' press.

Fresh from dealing with soccer sensation at Manchester United, Paddy Harverson has now taken on a completely different yet equally challenging game. Harverson has been swift to attack an article in the Daily Express that claimed our Harry was a lazy loafer who was enjoying a privileged life. In an attempt at wit, Express columnist Carol Sarler wrote that Harry "rarely lifted a finger unless it's to feel up a cheap tart in a nightclub".

What Harry had done to upset Carol in this way who knows but the point is who cares. He is enjoying himself and displaying relaxed and normal behaviour that is not readily associated with royalty. Clarence House should also chill out and not show such surprise in its reading of the Express.

Harry should be left to enjoy life so that we can enjoy reading about it.

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