Note to counsel in Campbell case: this is not a defamation trial

Hearing the legal argument before the House of Lords in Naomi Campbell's appeal this week one could be excused for thinking it was a libel action. After being billed as 'taking her (Campbell's) privacy battle to the House of Lords' the legal argument has been rather disappointing and reverted to the well worn argument about whether criticism of Campbell was justified and the merits of exposing her lies about not taking drugs.

The Court of Appeal has already decided that the Mirror was justified in publishing its story and picture because it demonstrated that Campbell had lied and that publication was therefore in the public interest. So its time to leave the defamation-styled argument alone and grasp that nasty nettle that is privacy!

So the question is (as discussed by MB below): should Campbell be entitled to have her private life protected when she is not treading the catwalks? so let's please hear some legal argument about this!

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