Kettle may sue pot over allegation

If ever there was a case of the proverbial pot calling the kettle black then it was embodied in the form of Alistair Campbell pontificating to the Foreign Press Association claiming that Hutton showed that all Tony's men (and women) and of course Ali C told the truth and the whole of the BBC did not.

Well the Government through Hutton have had a bash at the Beeb for saying they were lying now it may be the Beeb's turn - or to be precise, ex beebite in the form of Gavyn Davies. Having heard Campbell's ridiculous diatribe he's considering whether to sue him for libel. So it could be the turn for Ali to prove that the whole of the BBC from Davies to Dyke and byond had lied. If he can't prove it then it'd be one of the most memorable libel actions ever.

Media Beak reminds the potential litigants that Lord Hutton has retired - so this may make legal action more attractive.

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