Who's to blame? report delayed as Hutton decides

The eagerly awaited report of the Hutton Inquiry has been delayed forcing the media and political mud-slingers to hold their fire. Not surprisingly, Lord Hutton will be applying his wisdom to his wording as he writes the conclusions to his report. The BBC is outraged by reports that it was setting up its fall-guys and its Chairman Gavyn Davies has vowed that whatever the findings, Hutton's report will not pave the way for reforms.

While Hutton takes his time the Government is getting twitchy ahead of the Parliamentary debate on top-up fees and the spectre of back-bench rebellion. Bad news from Hutton would not sit well in the current political climate and no photo opportunity with troops in Iraq is likely to convince people otherwise.

So it seems we may have to wait a further week or two to find out the results of the Hutton whodunnit.

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