Transsexual date show proves costly for Sky

Sky One provided us with much amusement last year when it emerged that its show 'There's Something About Miriam' had seen a brood of butch blokes fall for a transsexual.

Contestants were outraged after it emerged that she was a he and we were treated to pictures of Miriam in his/her swimsuit and stories of how several men had got intimate with Miriam.

Whether they should have realised - as the title of the show suggested - that there was a significant something about Miriam or whether the programme makers had unfairly set our unsuspecting blokes up, its bumped up the programme budget for Sky One.

The broadcaster is reportedly doing a deal with the contestants whereby they would pay them 500,000 pounds compensation in return for being able to screen the six episodes. Depending on how you look at it - either Sky One is getting a good deal and securing itself against any defamation actions or the contestants are quite happy to be defamed in exchange for 100,000 pounds - and that has to be an easier way of making the money than going without sleep for a week in the hope of wining Channel 4's 'Shattered'.

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