Taking libel to the grave

Many thanks to Media Beak's friend the IPKAT for forwarding this one:

A Welsh widower is locked in an unusual dispute with his local council over the wording he wants on his wife's grave.

Gordon Lewis from Llangattock believes that a delay in admitting his late wife to hospital was the cause of her death from septicaemia. In laying his 64 year old wife to rest he also wants to lay the blame on the doctors and have it inscribed on her headstone.

A cautious council took legal advice and considers Mr Lewis's choice of words to be libellous. As they control the cemetery they won't allow the intended wording.

Mr Lewis has called for a coroner's inquest into his wife's death.

Media Beak concludes that if an inquest goes ahead then perhaps a compromise could present itself - were the coroner's findings to be inscribed on the grave then that would get round the libel issue.

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