Press Complaints Soar

The number of complaints received by the Press Complaints Commission has risen by a whopping 39 per cent. A number of high profile front pages accounted for the quantum leap over 2002 with coverage of celebrities, footballers and royals attracting widespread complaints.

The number of complaints falling under the PPC Code of Practicewas up by 10 per cent while the amount of complaints the commissioners were able to resolve rose 21 per cent over 2002.

Commenting on the figures, the PCC seem more excited about the fact that the increase is down to their proactive and high-profile role rather than seeing it as a sign of increased public displeasure with the features in their morning read.

Still, self-regulation has to be better than legislation and the press had a narrow escape after an investigation by the Culture and Media Committee of the House of Commons concluded that continued self-regulation was preferable to tightening up or adding to existing media laws.

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