HUTTON: Dossier Not Sexed Up - Kelly death followed being named as source

In the last half hour Lord Hutton has delivered his verdict into the circumstances surrounding the death of weapons expert Dr. David Kelly.

Lord Hutton concluded that Dr Kelly did indeed take his own life with a concotion of pills and by cutting his wrist after having been named as the source for the BBC's report that claimed the Government dossier on Iraq had been 'sexed up'.

Going on to deliver his report in full, Lord Hutton stated that the claim that the Government had in some way 'sexed up' its dossier was unfounded.

He said that the question of whether the dossier had justified the decision to go to war was outside the scope of his inquiry. He did however highlight the controversy caused by the 45 minute claim.

Hutton Inquiry website HERE

Lord Hutton went on to heavily criticise Andrew Gilligan for his unfounded remarks and report and siad the BBC's system of editorial controls was defective.

Thus far the findings suggested by the controversial leak to The Sun newspaper seem to be reflected by what Lord Hutton is saying - Blair's 2nd narrow escape in 2 days as No.10 appears to be in the clear while the BBC is coming under fire at all levels.

Lord Hutton's report HERE

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