Couch Potato says he'll sue Cable Company

We've had smokers suing tobacco companies for the harm caused by smoke, now we've got viewers saying they'll sue TV companies for making them fat!

Timothy Dumouchel from Wisconsin has blamed his daily drinking and smoking as well as his wife's weight gain on the fact they have cable. He'd apparently asked his cable operator to disconnect his service back in 1999 but they never did. Having also promised his family that they could watch TV as long as cable was available he's now claiming that being fat and lazy is the cause of having cable.

Having intimidated staff at the cable company Dumouchel has threatened to sue Charter Communications for 5,000 Dollars or free computers and a lifetime supply of free internet access. Presumably he wants to swap channel surfing for net surfing and have some spare change for take away pizzas and burgers!

So far no claim has been filed at Wisconsin Circuit Court - perhaps Dumouchel has found the 'off' button on his TV.

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