Al Fayed tries to ban BBC from showing viewers the money

Harrods boss Mohamed al Fayed has secured a temporary injunction against the BBC preventing it from screening an investigation into his financial dealings.

The BBC had to pull the latest edition of the Money Programme after al Fayed was granted a 3 week injunction preventing the programme from being shown. The dispute arose after the BBC had agreed to let al Fayed review the final version of the programme before it went out. The BBC maintains that only applied to the interview with al Fayed and not the programme as a whole. Granting the injunction, Mr Justice Royce said that al Fayed had not been given sufficient opportunity - in line with the terms of the agreement - to offer corrections as to any factual inaccuracies.

So, subject to some editing and further legal negotiation we may eventually get to hear about where al Fayed is stashing his cash. The disgruntled Harrods boss has announced he's had enough of the UK tax regime and is moving to Switzerland.

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