Zeta Jones is not on a diet!

Jonesy just can't keep out of court. Her lawyers have issued a stern warning to the world's media not to link, suggest or otherwise juxtapose Catherine Zeta Jones with the Atkins diet.

For the avoidance of doubt, Media Beak confirms that Zeta Jones has nothing to do with the Atkins diet and certainly would not endorse it. Editors you have been warned.

Obviously still reeling with upset at snapshots of her eating her wedding cake Mrs Douglas is not amused.

Celebrities and eating habits provide fodder for many a media story. Frank admissions by Mrs Hipgrave (aka Gail Porter) in todays tabloids speak of her anguish with anorexia and the medicine munching life it has led to. Earlier this week Kylie was reported as being happy with her 'fuller figure' and speculation whether Renee Zellwegger was packing away the pounds to film the Bridget Jones' sequel got well out of hand.

However, celebs can prove to be touchy (in the non Britney sense) when it comes to dieting. Elton John had that famous run-in with the Mirror about reports of him allegedly being on a diet that involved spitting out his food. He successfully sued for defamation (although the courts saw fit to cut the ludicrous damages awarded)

So food for thought when you report on who has been eating all the pies.

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