Snapper sanctioned as Diaz protects dignity

Whenever a celebrity takes their top off the long lens of the paparazzi seems to be at hand.

Following Jennifer Aniston's damages payout (see posting Mon 24 Nov below) for illicit shots of her sunbathing, this week it was Cameron Diaz who had her day in Court.

A Californian Superior Court Judge granted a permanent injunction against snapper John Rutter prevenitng him from possessing or publishing topless shots of Cameron Diaz.

Not content with having tried to sell his shots, Rutter had tried to blackmail Diaz out of over $3million by threatening to sell them if she didn't pay up.

No surpise then that he also finds himself facing criminal charges for attempted extortion, theft and forgery (he had allegedly forged Diaz's signature on a release form for the shots). Bailed at a quarter of a million dollars, Rutter is due to appear in Court on December 8th.

Oh so controversial ...nudity still poses problem
Nudity seems to be posing quite a problem of late. Paris Hilton is still distraught at the prospect of her nude sex romps being videostreamed on the net while Ewan McGregor has said he is disappointed that shots of his penis have been edited out of the US release verision of his forthcoming film 'Young Adam'. McGregor said he thought it odd to censure that on the one hand but if his character had fired multiple machine gun rounds and caused mass destruction that would no doubt have been left in the film. The scenes will be included in the UK release.

Back in Blighty and as Ananova (www.ananova.com) reports, former S Club singer Rachel Stevens' boyfriend is said to be unimpressed with her raunchy new image. While appreciating the skimpy clothing he doesn't like sharing what it reveals with the public. Quite what he'd make of The Sun's report that Stevens had 6 leather whips confiscated from her luggage at Heathrow Airport (as they were apparently a security risk) is anyone's guess.

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