A Right Royal Trespass!

You've got to admire the Mirror which has been hard on the heels of all things royal and disloyal of late. Whatever Blunkett is saying about adequate checks on royal staff has to attract a laugh - and you'd have thought that Aaron Barshacks attack on Wills birthday party should have been a wake up call to those responsible for palatial policing.

The Mirrorman's stunt proves a point - if he can get into the palace then what's stopping a less public spirited individual? So Ken Livingstone's rants about the cost of Bushmans visit seem well founded. Why spend millions policing London when potential perpetrators could just get a job at the palace.

It is interesting to see undercover journalism scoring some scoops of late. From outing racist police officers to showing up palace security, what may seem as a trespass under false pretence is providing the public with some thought-provoking copy.

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