Larry Flynt protects privacy!

US Army Private Jessica Lynch who famously survived the war in Iraq has this week published her authorised biography 'I am a soldier too: The Jessica Lynch Story'

She is however not too keen on the prospect of publication of alleged nude photos of her taken in an army barracks before the war.

Apparently she need not be concerned as veteran porn publisher Larry Flynt says that he has purchased the photos but decided not to publish them.

Flynt's conscience seemingly got the better of him and he says that Lynch has been exploited enough by the media and government already.

So Larry will be locking those pictures away in his safe to ensure they don't appear.

Larry Flynt is of course the man who managed to persuade the Supreme Court back in 1988 that his First Amendment rights extended to publishing porn satire about TV evangelist Jerry Falwell.

So should Jessica sleep sound in the knowledge that those nude shots are safe?

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