Gagging the Mirror won't silence the issues

The Royal legions of lawyers paraded in front of court and finally got the Mirror gagged. Well it makes a change from previous gags on The Mail and the Guardian but is not the most devastating of legal moves.

David Pannick QC led the charge that Ryan Parry had heinously breached his contract with the Royals and the confidentiality it carried with it.

Of course he had! That was the point!

OK the Mirror has managed to fill plenty pages with ancillary pictures and details but at the end of the day the exercise was to show how easy it was for someone to get into the Palace and so close to the Monarch.

Whatever legal argument is advanced on Monday the Palace is missing the point:
Surely the 'evil' of breaching confidence is mitigated by what it has exposed?

The key question for the courts will not be breach of confidence - that is not in issue - but to what extent such breach was justified.

The reasons the Royals are so upset is that their privacy and confidence has been breached. That is fair enough. Their anger should be directed towards the failures that allowed such confidence to be breached as that is what poses the real danger.

Public Interest would be better served if those responsible for shoddy security were called to account rather than the reporter and paper.
'God Save the Queen' The Mirror says it tried to!

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