Buckingham Palace may sue the Mirror and give us a Right Royal laugh

Media Beak is bemused by reports that the Palace is seriously considering legal action against the Mirror and its journalist Ryan Parry.

Officials are said to be threatening legal action for Breach of Confidentiality as Mirror man Parry had signed a confidentiality agreement as part of his employment.

Well bring it on Royals, Media Beak would like to hear why the Palace would bring proceedings against Parry and the Mirror - whose alleged breach of confidence served to highlight major security deficiencies - while ignoring the disclosures of Burrell, Smith and others who have surely run amok with any residual notion of regal confidentiality.
As Media Beak has previously noted - see below 'Has Prince Charles Breached His Own Confidence' (posted Nov 12) - the Palace has not shown great consistency when it comes to protecting its privacy so were they to litigate the Beak is sure that Piers Morgan would give them a sporting run for their money!

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