Advertising upsets - why Barclaycard ad is Bundh!

Barclaycard has had its money grabbing knuckles rapped by the Office of Fair Trading for what it called 'highly misleading' and possibly illegal advertising.

"0% forever" was what a debt accumulating shopaholic public was promised. Forever as it turned out, only applied to balance transfers if a customer spent a minimum of £50 a month on the card. That £50 would attract the current rate of interest (17.9%) and the £50 could only be paid off once the outstanding or transferred balanced had been paid off.

An unrepentant Barclays is withdrawing the ads but not the offer - but then Barclays probably isn't that bothered given that even its own Chief Executive is on record as saying that credit cards are too expensive.

Media Beak thinks this is a load of Bundh which takes us nicely on to this week's delicious hidden meaning...

Sharwoods has been spicing up our cuisine with its new range of curry sauces called Bundh that evokes the pungent taste of the Punjab - problem being that the word Bundh translates into "arse" in Punjabi.

Sharwoods painstakingly point out that the pronunciation of that word is different from their curry and we should continue to enjoy their similarly sounding sauces undeterred...Yum.

Media Beak concludes that Sharwoods Bundh is less likely to leave the taste of Bundh in your mouth than your Barclaycard bill!

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